Ten years ago I was celebrating a friend’s 21st birthday here after barhopping all night. Back then it was called the Last Act. Stephanie wanted me to see this place because it was across the street from the famed Second City. It was really crowded, and this guy kept bumping into me. I knew that he was from Second City because he kept mentioning it. I got really mad, and I turned around and pushed him, and we got into this shoving match. I said, “I don’t give a fuck that you work at Second City, stop pushing me.” My friends said, “Okay Pip, it’s time to go,” and they dragged me out of the bar. Ironically, now I’m working at Second City and hanging out here after shows. A lot of alums often visit, and I keep waiting for the day that this guy is going to walk in and see me and say, “That’s that little asshole.” For all I know, I’ve already met this person and had drinks with him. It’s possible that he still works at Second City–maybe I’ve even been onstage with him. He was a white guy. But that’s all I can remember.

–Pip Lilly, actor/writer