I’m standing there on the platform looking into the parking lot of the convenience store right below the stop. There’s a Jeep parked below with two people in it. One is a woman reading a newspaper in the driver’s seat and the other is a guy who works in the store–I know because I used to go in there on my way home. So he’s sitting there, and I realize all of a sudden that he’s got his thing out and he’s masturbating and she’s just reading the paper. Then he’s nudging her with his elbow and pointing down at his thing as if to say “Hop on” or “Let’s go” or something, and he’s smiling and giving her the come-hither look. She glances over, looks down at his crotch, and goes back to reading the paper. So he just kept going, and she just kept reading. I could not keep my eyes off this, of course. When I got home my husband said, “You shouldn’t have been looking,” but who would not look at this free peep show? I mean, when was the last time anyone really saw someone having a little afternoon delight? It was her manner that got me–she was so bored. How can you be more intrigued by the paper than by that?

–Dawn Benander, promotions coordinator