I was at a bachelorette party. We had a great dinner and played fun games, and then my girlfriend said, “I have a surprise for you.” She brings us here, we walk in and there are all these naked guys with G-strings dancing on the bar. Everyone was kinda shocked. There were like 12 of us, and the guys kept whispering, “We’re not homosexual, we’re straight. We’re just doing this for the money.” There was a stripper who looked like he was 11 years old–he looked so young. I wanted to give him money so he could end it that night. He told me he was doing it to pay for school. This girl with glasses next to me took them off because it was so embarrassing to her. We weren’t titillated. We wanted to help them get out of stripping because it can be so demeaning–obviously not just for women but for men too. Some of the girls were like, “Bring it on,” but there was a small group of us that were like, “This is so sad.” Then I’m driving back home and I get pulled over by the cops because I’m driving too fast. One of the cops was a customer at Lucky Horseshoe! They made me walk in the straight line, they put that light in my eyes, they looked me up and down. I knew how those boys felt. I felt terrible.

–Jovanna Canas, sales and marketing manager