A group of about eight friends that I went to college with gets together maybe twice a year. We usually come here because it’s low-key. But one night we decided to go find some wild music. We’re at this bar (which shall remain nameless) and this group of beautiful, drop-dead-gorgeous girls walks in. Three of them had apparently seen the movie Coyote Ugly, and they’re opening up their blouses, getting a little wild, flashing people. We’re amazed because these are some of the most beautiful women we’ve ever seen. I don’t know if they had this planned. Nobody’s really tripping on the situation that these women are doing this. Simultaneously, all three of ’em decided to raise their skirts–and hear me now, we’re talking three beautiful women and a bar full of guys. They got on a table, raised their skirts, and one of ’em was a man! I almost lost my lunch. Most of the guys acted like it didn’t matter. They were applauding; I guess they were paying homage to the fact that he or she was able to fool them. It was like The Crying Game come to life. At that point I was like, “Oh my God, I’m in The Matrix. Let me take a pill and get out of here.” We’ve been meeting here ever since–we learned our lesson!

–Mel Roberson, insurance executive/actor-poet