I used to stage-manage a lot of concerts and events here. I could tell you about the time the Boss sprung a leak and couldn’t hold it before going onstage–so the alley got a bit of a Springsteen shower. But one of the most memorable nights was the one I worked a magic act that included a Siberian tiger, which must have been 500 pounds. The show goes fine; the tiger does his bit. Now it’s after the show, and there are two tiger handlers who have to take him down a small flight of stairs in the backstage area and into a cage that’s waiting just outside the door on the side street, where I’m standing. They open the cage and this tiger makes his way down the steps as prompted–and then he catches sight of himself in the quick-change mirror that’s in the backstage area. He lets out a huge roar, but before he can sprint into the house the handlers quickly turn him and he comes flying out the door at about the speed of light and into his waiting cage–which is on wheels. The cage goes careening down the sidewalk, bouncing off parked cars with the door open. These two handlers start chasing it down the street and finally catch it and slam the door shut before the tiger can get out. I’ll take Springsteen peeing in the alley over that any day.