Mary Ann: We worked together for a while, that’s where we became friends.

Cindy: We love movies. I saw something about the International Dinner and a Movie series in the paper, and we’ve been coming ever since.

Mary Ann: They serve a dinner that matches the theme of the movie.

Cindy: They had French for Beauty and the Beast, Italian for La strada–

Mary Ann: I loved La strada!

Cindy: Me too.

Mary Ann: La strada was a great experience. I thought Gimme Shelter was pretty heavy, pretty scary.

Cindy: I got into it at the end where they were trying to calm everyone down. I’ve always liked foreign films, but I must confess I’ve seen My Cousin Vinny about 50 times.

Mary Ann: Growing up, my mother took us to every religious film ever made. I like epics–that whole Roman thing with 1,000 people on the screen. The Ten Commandments was the most fantastic film I ever saw in my life. I’ll never forget the parting of the Red Sea.

Cindy: Tonight they’re showing Seance on a Wet Afternoon, which I haven’t seen.

Mary Ann: It’s described in the brochure as an English thriller.

Cindy: Hitchcockish.

Mary Ann: I love that moment when the lights go down. It’s so exciting; you can’t wait for the movie to start. I remember it from when I was younger.

–Cindy Knuth, executive assistant & Mary Ann Bulanda, administrative secretary