We love this place. We’ve been coming here every month for the past three years for beer school with all of our favorite friends, and as a rule we always drink every last drop that they give us and we build beer towers out of our cups. Now we are very learned about beer. My friend Alex and I liked beer school so much we decided to try wine school. Everyone was paying attention and listening to the wine expert and we were like the bad kids in the back. We were being really loud and obnoxious. We kept getting dirty looks from the serious wine drinkers, and we were kinda laughing and saying “how wimpy.” We’re thinking we have to drink every last drop like beer. We ended up leaving wine school and stumbling home drunk, ding-dong-ditching all the million-dollar homes on the way home. Nobody caught us, but then we stumbled into a hot dog joint and walked right past a five-piece mariachi band and it wasn’t until the owner told us we were crashing their private opening party that we left. No more wine school for us–we’re going back to beer school.

–Valeri Lucks, human resources representative