I’ve been here for seven years. I’ve owned the business for four–which was about the time that we started running the special Friends night. We watch the Thursday night lineup and we encourage people to bring in food and beverage while they paint. Most people do plates, bowls, and mugs, because even if you don’t like your artwork you can still use it. We were seeing a lot of everything–some first dates, groups of single women, groups of single men. As I got to know certain people I started saying, “You should meet so-and-so” and “Have you met my good friend . . . ?” I have brought together several people who have since become couples. A few have split up–but that’s OK, not everything’s going to take. It’s a good, safe place to scope out people. Let’s clarify: These are people I know because they’ve come in many times. I’m not like Bubbi the matchmaker–“There’s Sam over there, you should paint with him.” It’s just a chance to relax and be creative at the same time and get a functional piece of artwork out of the whole deal, and perhaps–perhaps–a mate for life!

–Katie Usedom, store owner