We’ve been to this place a couple of times. The people here are very friendly, and it reminds me of my first time barhopping in Chicago. Before I moved here I came for my senior year spring break to check it out. I’d never been to the midwest before. I was at this bar in Lincoln Park with my friend Sarah. I don’t even remember the name of the bar. Anyway, we met a whole group of about 15 people who were having a birthday party. We agreed to take a picture of them. I took the picture and we started talking and hanging out with them and we went to the next bar with them and we ended up spending the whole night with them –until 4 in the morning. Then we went back to one of the apartments of someone in the group and the sun started coming up and we headed home –we never exchanged phone numbers, and to this day I’ve never seen these people again. I do remember all the boys’ names–J.J., Brian, John, Nick, and Dave. Some of the guys were really good-looking, which really turned me on to moving to Chicago as well. This is the perfect example of midwestern friendliness, don’t you think?

–Nicole Reigelman, graduate student