I’m the female host of Hurry Date. There’s also a male host. Hurry Date is three minutes with each person. We have about 25 men and women tonight. The girls stay in one spot and the guys rotate–they follow the letters of the alphabet but the drunker they get the less they remember that. Everybody has an ID tag and a number. If you like ’em you just circle “yes” on their scorecard. In 48 hours you get an E-mail with all the people who said yes to you. We had one guy who ended up circling all the wrong numbers. Another friend of mine, a guy, he ended up getting 11 matches. He had so many women that he was dating them on Friday night, Saturday afternoon, Saturday night, Sunday afternoon. We had a guy handing out cards to each of the women telling them that he was a Christian, but at the end of the night he and this girl were up and down each other’s shirts–they had a howdy-do time for all to watch. He was an oversexed Christian, I guess. I just host and do not participate. I am single, and I do meet tons of people, but I’m not dating–I’m too busy hosting singles.

–Jodi Swanson, project manager