Quite possibly this is the wildest nightlife thing I’ve ever done, and I did it in college! Being here reminds me of this. Some friends and I decided that we wanted to go streaking in the evening. There were about ten of us. We had helpers who didn’t want to streak but held our clothes while we went into these places on campus. Some of us had masks on. I think we wore shoes. We went to the study hall and streaked on through. Once we did one place it became easier. We went to the student union, we went up onstage–there was a movie being shown that night–we ran down the aisles and up onstage and pranced around naked. We got a standing ovation, which pleased us enormously. Then we went to two computer centers on campus and sat down next to people who were working on their computers, and they barely glanced at us or even raised an eyebrow. That was pretty strange. Somewhere there exists a photo of us naked in the fountain on campus. Streaking was already passe by the time we did this. But come to think of it–is being naked ever passe?

Brad Pechter, psychologist