I was here with this guy I was dating and a bunch of his high school friends. There was a DJ playing, and the music was so loud it was bouncing off the walls. For the first five minutes we were all just screaming at one another, trying to hear, and after a while it was futile to have a conversation, so we just sat there quietly. The irony is that this guy I was dating didn’t really talk to begin with and/or acknowledge my existence, so it was one of our better dates. I don’t even remember how we were able to order, how we got that information across. No one complained; I think no one wanted to be impolite, and it was kinda funny at the same time because no one could have heard a complaint. Most restaurants in Wicker Park have DJs, and the people eating at the restaurant are DJs, so it’s like they’re supporting their own. The DJ is part of the Wicker Park restaurant trendiness. It’s not about the food, ’cause the food is shitty. It’s all about the fab: the fabulous people, clothes, and music.

–Alana Reiner, high school teacher