Some work friends and I went on a happy hour. The guys had been talking about how they had to take their clients to strip joints. I said I’d never been to one before, so we got into a cab and went to Scarlett’s as a dare. The girl behind the counter was in a glass box and said, “It’s $20,” and I told her, “It’s just a dare,” and she said, “Dare or not–it’s 20 bucks.” We had like seven or eight people, and we weren’t going to spend $150 for a dare. So we ended up here. They were having a pool table dance contest. I figured if I couldn’t see the strippers I would imagine how it was done. Myself and this other young lady, Laurie, got up on the pool table and pretended to strip. Of course we won–a bottle of champagne. We figured it was because we had picked up the stripper moves by osmosis from our five minutes in the lobby of the infamous Scarlett’s. I have yet to go to a strip club–I can’t get anyone to go with me. I want to go so I can improve my moves and come back and win another bottle of champagne–or something even better, like cold, hard cash.

–Michele Culp, small-business consultant