This happened at another club with the same atmosphere. I was underage at the time. My friends and I wanted to go dance, and I set my purse on a table near us. I turned around for a moment, and when I swung back I saw a group of very large drag queens walking past and suddenly my purse was gone. I approached the bouncer and said, “I think it was the drag queens,” because they were in the right place at the right time, but I didn’t want to accuse anyone and start a fight. We couldn’t find my purse, and they didn’t accuse anyone. Then about four months later I found out that the person who had stolen my purse used my information to set up credit cards, cell phones, gas bills, you name it. I’m still trying to fight all the fraudulent accounts that were opened under my name, and I’m still getting bills even though I’ve put a fraud alert on all my accounts. It’s now up to $4,000, and new accounts come up all the time. If you see a drag queen introduced as Courtney Link at the Baton, call me immediately and I’ll be over with my stiletto heels to beat the rhinestones out of her!

–Courtney Link, telephone operator