This was the first time my friend Mike Sweetman and I saw the band Rush. It was definitely Testosterone Fest ’02. I think there were about 12,000 guys and 450 women. Some “mulletude” but less than expected. Mulletude is the general persona that surrounds someone with a mullet–a Camaro-driving, ass-kickin’, beer-drinkin’ redneck type. Throughout the show Sweetman kept talking to the guys in front of us. They both had on satin Blackhawks jackets–one black and one red, and matching crew cuts. Sweetman would lean right in between them and say, “Hey, what do you want to hear next?” They would always answer “Subdivisions”–Rush never did play that, though. What’s it like to be with 12,000 guys when they’re all air drumming? It’s exhilarating. It’s a spectacle to behold. I think when you’re air drumming–mullet or not–you cross the line: you’ve taken up residence in Mulletville, a friendly little place with lots of couches on the lawn and cars on blocks in the driveway and lots of unkempt hair and great rock and fuckin’ roll, dude! We’re definitely going for sure to the next Rush concert. We might even get those mullet wigs and a T-shirt that says “Who farted?”

–Matt McGill, quality-assurance analyst