We love the atmosphere here. It’s very dark and sensual, but we always have to be careful not to get too carried away because of what happened at a friend’s wedding. As the night progressed everyone was drinking and people were getting into the mood, and my wife decided that we should go off and sneak in a quickie. In hindsight, the floor underneath the desk in the lobby probably wasn’t the best place to go, but we’d had a lot of champagne–we imagined that we were completely hidden. At one point I reached up for my glass and found myself looking into the faces of several security guards. “She lost her ring!” I said, while at the exact same time my wife said, “I’ve lost my contacts!” But it was pretty obvious what had been going on. So we zipped up, pulled down, and headed for home to continue the festivities. When we got there we discovered that in our rush I’d left my jacket under the desk–with our house keys in it. I went back and there was one of the security guards with a smarmy grin on his face, holding my jacket. “Forgot something in your hurry, eh?”

–Dan Lyons, technical writer