Every time I come here I’m reminded of my infamous makeover. My cousin Gwen was visiting from Michigan, and we decided to do a spa day. They were running a special deal that included a makeover. Before they started I said, “I want to look stunning!” So Anna–I think that was her name–proceeded to work her magic. The result was that movie-star, oh-my-God-can-I-have-your-autograph, you-have-money look. I said to Gwen, “We have to take this face on the road.” We walked down Michigan Avenue, and people started staring at the Face. We went into Water Tower and came up here and it was closed; people were tapping on the glass doors, but the salesman wasn’t paying attention until he saw the Face. He unlocked the door and I said, “I just need ten minutes,” and he said, “Don’t worry about it, come on in,” and refused to let anybody else through. We ended up buying a camera and Gwen took a picture of the Face when I got home. I’m getting another makeover at the end of this month. This time the road trip after will be better planned. This time I’m going to go where I can show off the Face to some men!

–Darlene Rivers, voice system manager