I’ve been here for dinner several times. I really love the food, but tonight I have to hurry because I have to get to the bingo hall where I call the numbers every Monday evening. I’ve been doing it for 18 years for mostly senior citizen women–a lot of cookie-baking grandma types, 200 of them each week. Some of my regulars are Sally, who buys pizza for the other volunteers, and Mary, who’s ornery and gives me a bit of a hard time. Ida just became a young grandmother, and Gloria brings candy, which I can’t eat because I’m diabetic. Interacting with these ladies is what’s kept me calling numbers for so long. They take care of me: they bring me food and presents for my birthday and at Christmas. If I’m out or on vacation they definitely miss me. But they have a wicked side too. As I was coming up to game six one night, instead of saying “Game six is next” I said “Game sex is next” by mistake. Of course the whole room started laughing. It’s not unlike them to revel in something like that. These sweet little old ladies will say to me, “Did you wash your balls today?” ostensibly referring to the balls in the machine. But we all know what they mean.

–Luka Andjelich, architect