I’m looking over in the kitchen area, where I see a bachelorette party, and it reminds me of a recent Las Vegas getaway weekend with my girlfriends. We were short on cash and came up with the idea that one of us should pretend to be engaged in order to get free stuff–although we’re all very single. So before we left we bought a cheap first-communion veil and a fake $2 engagement ring from a low-cost accessory store at a mall. We deemed one of the girls the bride to be, and she put on the veil and the ring as we headed out. Within five minutes of walking through the casino of one of the hotels–I think it was Caesars Palace–it worked. We were ushered to the front of the line, seated in the VIP section of this swanky club, and given drinks and other perks–we had a good ol’ time. We received many congratulations and questions, and our bachelorette took it like a pro. The only catch was that the club was filled with very attractive single men, and she was stamping her feet because she couldn’t take advantage of the situation. So for the next couple of nights we switched who was wearing the veil and the ring and hit different casinos. By the last night the veil was torn and covered with cigarette burns, but it still worked its magic.

–Becky Sue Smith, aerobics instructor