I love this place. It’s filled with Puerto Rican drag queens and has fabulous Mexican food and fabulous cocktails–which I need after dealing with some of the people I’ve photographed. I mostly do weddings now, but I’ve done my share of nightlife and celebrity shoots, and let me tell you, I’ll take a nervous bride any day over some of the celebs I’ve had to shoot. One of my most memorable nightmares would be the former news anchorman who walked into my studio, took a look around, and said with a straight face, “Why is there no photo of me on your walls?” I said, “Because I haven’t photographed you yet.” He said, “Well, you should’ve thought ahead and called my assistant and gotten pictures from her so I would feel at home.” I was dumbfounded. I sort of mumbled an apology, and we proceeded with the session, throughout which he directed me in how to photograph him: “Only shoot me on my left side.” “Can’t you come up with an angle that doesn’t show my double chin?” Finally, at the end of the sitting, he stood up, shook my hand, and said in all seriousness, “I think you’re the greatest photographer I’ve ever come across.” Now I need another cocktail to wash away the memory!

–Richard Aguilar, photographer