I’m here tonight working on a benefit for Live Wire Theater Company, where I’m a member. The things we do are very different from what I used to do as part of the street cast at the Renaissance Faire. I remember walking past a group of guys tussling around on the grass. One fella explained that he was giving his friend a piggyback ride and asked if I wanted one. I said sure, hiked up my hoopskirts, and stepped back about five paces to get a running start. But I lost my balance and fell straight over on top of him. I lay there in the grass on my stomach, my hoops up and my knickers falling down, declaring, “My reputation is ruined.” Two ladies noticed the wooden busk that was sticking out of my skirts, and one of them asked if it was used for spanking the knaves. Before I could respond the guy jumped up and said, “Spank me!” So I gave him a light tap and he said, “No, harder.” I gave him another whack, and he again insisted it be harder. After a couple of rounds I finally let go and gave him a whack so solid I felt the busk vibrate in my hand. He slyly turned down and asked for another, at which point I dismissed him, saying, “Nay, thou must pay someone well for that service.”

–Suzanne Bracken, administrative assistant