Several years ago a bunch of us were sitting here in the window just people watching. A cab pulled up, an inebriated gentleman got out, and the guy proceeded to barf all over the sidewalk. Still to come, though, was a dog owner walking his pet–it was just a regular old mutt. The mutt proceeded to lap up the barf, but the dog owner wasn’t watching–he was cruising all the guys walking by. Then he bent down to pet the dog, and the mutt immediately began licking his face. We sat in the window and howled because he obviously didn’t know what the dog had just done. There was nothing we could do to warn the guy–we were behind the glass, and it happened so quickly. He noticed us through the window and looked puzzled, as he had no idea what all the excitement was about. The moral of the story is, if you’re going to cruise with an animal in tow you’d better keep one eye on your pet!

–David Asasaki, office organizer