When I’m here it reminds me of a time when I followed through on a little fantasy of mine about going up to a complete stranger, kissing him out of the blue, and immediately leaving–no phone numbers, no words exchanged, nothing. One night a friend and I saw this absolutely adorable boy, and she started prodding me–“He’s the one.” I got up the courage to walk up to him and broke my own rule by saying, “Do you have a girlfriend?” He looked at me with the sweetest, shyest smile and said, “Nooooo.” I said “Good,” then leaned forward and kissed him on the lips. He was totally shocked and couldn’t speak. I smiled and walked away. I felt his hand on my arm and turned around, and he stammered, “Wait, what’s your name?” I pretended to be every Hollywood superdiva I could imagine and said, “Let’s not ruin this.” Then I walked out of the bar. My friend ran out after me, and as soon as we got around the corner any semblance of Hollywood glamour was immediately dropped–we started jumping up and down and screaming as if we were 13. We were still giggling when she stopped suddenly and looked behind me. “He’s standing right there, isn’t he?” I said. I turned around and he was shaking his head, walking away. It was worth it even though I was beet red for days.

–Merrie Greenfield, actress