I originally met Chris online, and then we met in person in a public park three summers ago. We started dating each other, and we ended up falling in love. Then one night when I tried to call him, his phone was disconnected, so I figured that was that. I started back at school and I met another guy I dated for a while. Then last summer I ended up calling a chat line, and I left a message for one particular guy who sounded very interesting. He called and we got to talking, and we decided to hook up. So we met, and I was like, “You look very, very familiar,” and he was like, “You look very, very familiar too.” A minute later he said, “You don’t remember me, do you?” I was like, “No, remind me.” “Do you remember a skinny, scrawny boy that you was messin’ with a couple summers ago?” he says, and I was like, “Oooooooh.” I was in shock–it was Chris. I was like, “What happened, you look so different, why didn’t you call me?” He explained that he and his mother had moved, and by the time he’d had the chance to call me, my number had changed too. So it was very emotional, and we ended up getting back together. We have each other’s number now.

–James Wilson, bartender