Back in the 80s, the decade of my coming-of-age, we used to come here on a regular basis when it was the original Exit. We were very into punk and new wave. I had purple hair one week, pink the next. The dance floor was in the back of the old Exit–there was a sunken square pit with tall tables and barstools all around it. So we were having a typical night here, spending a lot of time dancing, having several drinks, and sampling our hallucinogenics when my friend Patti, who was notorious for hauling around a bag of gag gifts, decided to stuff these fake rubber boogers up her nose. She’d pretend to sneeze and have them come out. She did it several times, delighted with herself, and we were all laughing hysterically. The waitress was bringing us a new round of drinks when Patti did it again. As the waitress recoiled, she slipped off the edge of the floor into the pit on top of all the dancers, spilling her entire tray of drinks. The bouncers immediately escorted us all out, with Patti sneezing the whole time, flinging her fake boogers around.

–Sheila Verschoore, interior design consultant