They have a New Orleans theme here, and it reminds me of where I lived for seven years. This is one of my happy memories of the town. It was a Monday night on Bourbon Street and there were like ten people versus the millions on the weekend, and this fat lady was trying to go to the bathroom and somehow got up on the roof of a four-story building. She was that drunk, I guess. Somehow she fell between the two buildings, but she was so large that rather than falling all the way down, she got stuck between them and was dangling there, pants down. She cried for help and luckily, because it was a slow night, somebody heard her. The fire department was called to the scene, and they had to cut her out. It took like six paramedics to carry her to the stretcher. Nobody believes this, but I swear you could see the cutout where she’d been wedged between the two buildings.

–Christy Frazier, waitress