There are eight of us here in our 80s gear, and I don’t know how I could be any happier. I’m listening to Naked Eyes, the English Beat, and ABC. I’ve been dancing like mad with my friends, and everyone loves my spiked hair, eyeliner, and lightning-bolt armband. I’ve been running over to the side of the stage after every set, meeting each band’s lead singer and getting them to sign my “I Want My MTV” T-shirt. Meeting Pete Byrne from Naked Eyes was a highlight of the evening so far, as was touching Martin Frye’s bangs. I was around for the first go-round of all of these bands; they molded my life as I grew up. The 80s were the best because things were so much freer–I mean, everybody who was cool wore eyeliner then. I guess I’m a walking, pogoing version of that VH1 show, I Love the 80s, but can you blame me?

–Shawn Boyle, artist