Last winter a friend and I would come here every Sunday night to chill out. One evening this short, stubby guy dressed like a cowboy came in. He had on the hat, the boots, the whole nine. While chatting up my friend he kept telling us that he had a Jacuzzi in his house. We were drunk by this point, and we wanted to check it out. So we went to his place. He gave us big T-shirts to put on and changed into boxer shorts. Then we went out on the deck and actually saw the thing. It was a kiddie pool with a heater attached. You’ve never seen anything this stupid in your life. We got in, and it was freezing cold. It was obvious that we’d been totally duped, but he kept promising us that it was going to warm up. Stone-cold sober now, we got out and changed, and when he went upstairs we ran out the side door. We were running down the street in the snow in heels when we heard his big truck start up. We hid behind a Dumpster in an alley. He pulled up and says, “Where did you ladies go?” We got into the truck and he took us to my friend’s house. There he put his foot in the door and followed us in. We just couldn’t get rid of him! I warned my friend from the beginning that this guy was a pain. Boy was I right.

–Amy Krahe, Events Planner