It started here as a girls’ night out. The four of us got so wasted we had to leave, and we all headed over to my friend Marie’s. I made drinks, and the next thing I knew Marie and Bridget were naked and making out on the couch. Then Natalie joined in. They were desperately trying to get me involved, but I was like, “No, I can’t.” I was a total square–something like this had happened to me in the past, and afterward the girlfriend and I never talked again because she was so freaked-out. So I said, “OK, I’m going to the store, and by the time I get back this had better be over.” I headed to the minimarket, and on the way I got a call from Reggie, a guy friend of ours. I laid out the scene, and by the time I got back he’d turned up at the house. It was three beautiful girls getting busy–they didn’t even care that there was a guy there. At that point the two of us were so turned on what else could we do? So though we’d known each other for years without ever being attracted to each other, we ended up hooking up right there on the floor. Just goes to show what a little hot lesbo action will do.

–Amy Maule, cocktail waitress