I play a middle-aged Judy Garland in this show I’m doing here called Judy’s Scary Little Christmas. Not only did I have to learn how to sing like Judy (it’s all about getting the emotion across), but I was determined to at least capture the essence of her look. It wasn’t easy–I’m a blue-jeans-and-baseball-cap-wearin’ kinda gal. I usually wear no makeup, and have these big, bushy, put-Brooke-Shields-to-shame eyebrows. So they took me to this place where they cut ’em, waxed ’em, shaped ’em, and dyed ’em. My skin was so swollen they had to give me medication to keep the bumps down–it was worse than that scene in The 40-Year-Old Virgin. Then I had to get my hair permed, and now I have to put it up in rollers for every single show–a guy from the company showed me how to do it. I also wear false eyelashes, which I’ve never done before–and, yes, the guys showed me how to put those on too. The costumer told me to wear two pairs of pantyhose with the dresses–it gives your legs a better sheen. He also confided that Ann-Margret used to wear six pairs. Who knew? Thank God for drag queens!

–Jennifer R. Connelly, actor