We come in here for leisurely dinners with friends, and usually we end up playing one of our favorite games–“What’s the best thing you’ve overheard in a restaurant or bar?” Here’s one of the best I’ve heard. My boyfriend had to work one New Year’s Eve, so we couldn’t do anything that night. Instead we decided to go out for a nice dinner on the night of New Year’s Day. We went to the Pump Room, a place I’d always wanted to go. There were like four couples in the entire restaurant, and we were all dressed up and having a lovely little time–I was completely charmed. I got up to go to the ladies’ room and was walking past one of the other tables, where two couples were sitting–totally North Shore looking, St. John knits on the ladies and the dapper gentlemen in blue jackets. As I passed I heard this very prim and proper woman, probably about 60, turn to her husband and declare, “I did not throw the Christmas tree!” I almost fell down laughing. Can you imagine what came before or after that?

–Amy Brierly, public relations