I used to come here when this was Medusa’s, an under-21 club. I was leaving one night with two of my friends and, not surprisingly, we were pretty tanked up. We were staggering down the street toward what I thought was my car when I saw someone in the passenger seat and said to my friends, “That can’t be my car–there’s someone in it.” Just then this guy, who’d been stealing my car stereo, saw us. He quickly opened the door and ran down the street. One of my buddies said in a drunken voice, “What’s your hurry, friend?” I was pissed, and we decided to give chase. We jumped in the car, quickly zoomed down the alley and around the block, and immediately lost the guy–and lost interest. I pulled over to a convenience store to get cigarettes, and when I came out there was a guy on the corner who said, “Want to buy a car stereo? Twenty bucks.” I asked to see it and said, “Well, this is perfect! Mine just got stolen, and this is the exact one I need to replace it.” Without thinking I handed over the money, took the stereo, and drove merrily on my way. Of course I’d just bought back my own radio from the guy who had stolen it. That is why I’ve sworn off alcohol forever.

–Chris Michaels, technical analyst