Right after I moved here last year, Glen Phillips, who was the lead singer of Toad the Wet Sprocket, was doing a solo show here. I was really excited because I loved that band, and since I never got to see them play live I thought I’d never experience them. I didn’t know anybody, so I bought one ticket and came here alone. I stood right in the front by myself, staring up at him the whole time. I was really into the show, and hearing his music made me feel homesick and nostalgic for my high school days. I was feeling lonely and emotional after the show, and when I walked out of the music room I bumped right into Glen Phillips. I kinda grabbed him and started completely spewing out my emotion to him. I was sobbing and telling him all this nonsense. He’s looking at me like a deer caught in the headlights, like I was completely crazy. I’ve never done anything like that. He gave me an obligatory pat pat on the back and stood there looking at me uncomfortably until I kinda came to. There were a lot of people standing there watching this. It was mortifying. I said in a small voice, “Sorry,” and immediately raced outside. I didn’t mean to be starstruck–it was more about me feeling lonely and emotional. I wonder if he told people about that.

–Jennifer Thornton, graduate student