This is a steppin’ club, and there’s always a lot of stuff goin’ on here. I met Jim a year ago, but he’s not my type. I met his buddy Travon a month later and had my eye on him immediately, but he had a girlfriend. Jim and I went out one night and got drunk, and one thing led to another. He was great! From that point on we were friends, but now we’re having sex too. Then I ran into Travon and he said, “I’m single.” I said, “OK, I’m single too, and doin’ what I want to do. I’ll meet you outside.” But on the way out another guy approached me, and both Travon and Jim saw me give this guy my number and took off. A week later I was here again. I saw Travon alone and we got into a conversation, but Jim was also here, talkin’ crazy. I say to Travon, “I’ve been attracted to you since the first time I saw you,” and he says, “I’m also attracted to you.” We decided to leave together when Jim wasn’t looking, though I made it clear I wasn’t looking for any one-night stand. When we got to his house, he put on some Luther Vandross and it was on from there. With Travon, we’re now marinating. With Jim–well, he doesn’t know about us yet. That’ll be my next story.

–Diana Smith, hairstylist