This happened last year. We were all standing in the hallway stairs going up to Red Dog around two in the morning. I was kinda sticking my head out the door into the alley off Damen and right across from there some guy started shooting people. It was like a spray of bullets. The doorman herded us back inside and we piled up the stairs. One of the doormen closed the door and said, “Not again.” There were like 30 people still on the street. People started pounding the doors and we’re hearing, “Let me in, let me in!” People were yelling and calling the police on their cell phones saying, “Somebody got shot.” There was a huge police presence when we opened the doors, and tons of people were roaming around, standing in the alley, trying to get in, trying to get out. Somebody’d been shot in the shoulder right outside the club. I’m surprised only one person got shot with all the people around, but they said it was at close range. All the bars in the area closed up and wouldn’t let anybody in or out. They closed off Damen. It was crazy. When we finally left, the police and emergency units were still there. I don’t know if they ever caught the person or not. Needless to say, I’m just a tad nervous standing in line at a nightclub.

–Janine Nock, photographer-printmaker