A couple of years ago on Valentine’s Day weekend, a girlfriend and I were planning to go out, two single women with no dates. Susan checked a Web site and found this place. It sounded good from the reviews. We walked in and the place was mobbed. Anthony, the owner, was at the host desk. We asked him if there was any available seating for two people and he said, “Oh, I’m so sorry, we’re so busy.” I said, “Well, we called earlier and we thought we’d try. We saw a rave review, we’ve not been here before.” He said, “Wait a minute, you’ve never been here before?” and we said, “No, but we understand–it’s a busy night. We’ll come back another time.” Anthony said, “Wait a minute, hold on.” He ran to the back and they found a small space and squeezed us in. Then he said, “You must be our guest tonight and try our food–we wouldn’t want you to miss out on that.” The food was absolutely wonderful, and the service was terrific. All around us people were coupled up, but my girlfriend and I decided that Anthony’s restaurant was our valentine. We had a wonderful time–we didn’t need any men on our arms. I’ve subsequently been back here at least seven times. I’m having a great love affair with this place!

–June Matayoshi, oboist