This is my own Girls Gone Wild story–one of the tamer ones! But I hope no one got video of it. A bunch of us had gone to a retro 80s concert–Poison, and Vince Neil from Motley Crue–all the hairbanger bands. Afterwards everyone was kinda lingering around outside, and my friends and I decided to blare some Poison for the crowd. We were standing up on the backseat of this Jeep and holding onto the bar and dancing. I was releasing my rocker within, prancing around and screaming, and I decided to flash the entire crowd–sorry, Janet Jackson, I got there first. People were crowding around the Jeep urging me on, and the next thing you know the police and security were coming up and saying, “Ma’am, you need to step down from there.” The drunken answer I came up with was “Sorry, I’m bipolar.” I pulled my top back up, got down, and that was the end of the craziness–for that night, anyway.

–Marianne Somers, account rep