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A couple of years ago I had just broken up with my boyfriend after having a fight at a friend’s wedding. A couple of nights later–it was a Tuesday–I went out with my girlfriends to P.J. Clarke’s. These two guys sent over a bottle of Dom Perignon, but by that time we’d had a few so we turned it down. The guys came over and joined us and said, “I can’t believe you turned down Dom Perignon,” and I said, “If I can’t taste it I’d rather wait.” We closed the place, laughing and talking, and one of the guys and I exchanged numbers. He called me the next day and said, “Why don’t we get our friends together tomorrow night and I’ll take everybody out to dinner?” I said, “Why not?” and we met here and were getting happy. The guy was 44 and he hadn’t had a serious girlfriend, which I kidded him about, and all of a sudden he got down on his knees and proposed to me in front of all of his friends. I said, “Can we try living with each other first?” Two weeks later I moved in with him. We got engaged a couple of months later, then broke up a year after that, but to this day we are still good friends. The moral of the story is, if someone offers you Dom P–turn it down and you might get something better!

–Cynthia Bielski, sales