I was out walking my dogs here one evening when one of those “tin trucks”–old beater pickups that collect stuff out of the trash–pulled out of the alley in front of me. This particular truck was packed to the gills, totally defying all laws of gravity, with a huge unbalanced load of old brass headboards, bicycle bits, tossed household appliances, etc, stacked high in the back. As it pulled out onto the street I heard muffled screams coming from somewhere deep in the back of the truck, and I started yelling, “Stop! There’s a person trapped in the back of your truck!” Of course they kept driving. A couple of guys walking on the opposite side of the street heard the commotion and ran in front of the truck shouting and waving their hands until finally the truck stopped. By the time the two men reluctantly got out of the truck, me and the other two guys were neck deep digging through all the metal crap in the back. One of the guys finally forced open the door on an old drier near the bottom of the pile, and this small boy, no older than seven or eight, popped out yelling “You assholes!” at the two guys driving the truck before he took off running down the street. The two guys just gave a look like “Eh, whatever” before getting back in their truck and driving off.