I’ve spent half my salary in this bar–more on tips than on drinks because we don’t even pay for rounds anymore. It’s a step up from a college bar–good people, a good time, there’s no dressing up; you’re basically hooking up with friends. In fact, the bar owner said to me about a year ago, “You have to meet these three girls,” and ever since we’ve become inseparable. People here address us as the Chicago Sex and the City girls or the Fantabulous Four, because that’s my favorite word. About a month ago two of us, Sara and I, celebrated our birthdays. We were planning to take a trip to Miami, but Sara wasn’t going to be able to go. We had all of our closest friends and family here, and we had them play the song “Miami,” and we’re telling Sara, “We’re so sorry you can’t go.” She’s all sad and then as the song is playing we pull out this huge card that says, “No ifs, ands, or buts, you’re coming with us to Miami.” She’s a teacher and she couldn’t get off work, so we made her call in sick for four days and play hooky. We had her bags already packed, so she had to come with us, and it was the best vacation we’ve ever had. Don’t you love that we got a teacher to ditch school? We’re just naughty schoolgirls at heart, I guess.

–Meghan Dooley, office manager