I met this guy here, and that’s not necessarily my thing. I tend to have my guard up at a bar or a club–I’m not there for the hook-up scene. But this guy was so superfabulous we ended up dating for a little while. I was so infatuated. I thought he was a total hottie–a hyperawesome, attractive guy. Everything was going fantastic, but then we went from 100 mph to 0 without any explanation whatsoever. Fast-forward six months. I was hanging out here again when I saw him. I was nervous and mad and excited–I was having all those girl moments. I was walking toward him, struggling for words, when somebody bumped into me. I reached out to hold him for support and realized that we were stuck: he was wearing rubber pants and I was wearing rubber pants and rubber sticks together–it’s not like fabric or silk or cotton. Literally, we were stuck together. We stared at each other and both just started laughing. Then we both started talking at the same time. We ended up talking until six in the morning, then started dating again. We’re still together. For our anniversary we’re going to celebrate by wearing our rubber pants and watching the DVD of Stuck on You.