I had a couple college girlfriends here to visit, and we wanted to go dancing where we could have fun and not have people hitting on us. So after a night of barhopping we were in line here–about ten of us, including a group of gay guys we’d met at Sidetrack. This guy in front of us was about the same stature as Prince–about 5’1–and he had the same coloring. Somehow he got the idea that we wanted to see a little Prince action–I don’t remember if we asked to see his Little Red Corvette or what, but suddenly the guy decided to start stripping. His shirt came off, and then he dropped his pants and then his underwear–and we were still outside in line. There was a big crowd reaction, and this was the opposite of Girls Gone Wild–it was drunken crazy mess gone wild. People started taking pictures and he was posing. Let’s just say his raspberry beret was on the small side. All the guys were dissing him, and you know he had to be small when a bunch of guys in Boys Town started screaming, “Put your pants back on!” We lost him once we got inside. Of course, they were playing Prince–I think it was “Gett Off.” How perfect is that?

–Heather Owens, financial analyst