I hit the streets in 1965, and out of all my nightlife experiences this, believe it or not, is the most memorable thing for me. I have enjoyed dining al fresco at one of the eight premier tables here for six, seven years. It’s developed somewhat of a reputation as being a place where on a nice, warm summer night you can find me holding court. Someone even suggested that they have a gold brick put in my honor here and that, should I ever pass, a bronze bust of my head be placed at a table. There are many things that are enjoyable about this corner–the people watching, dog watching, tourist watching. We affectionately refer to it as the Viagra triangle–named for the young woman, older man, and drug of choice combo we see so often. But what gives me the greatest pleasure is watching the evening sky turn different shades of blue as it fades to black. There’s a particular iridescent quality about the sky as it stands out behind the buildings to the west. You’re sitting there amidst the glitz and the glamour and the plasticity of this triangle appreciating a phenomenon that could never be matched in any painting, drawing, or Photoshop application. It has to be experienced in real time and can be had for free any night. But this is a lot of words to describe a very simple experience.

–Shelley Howard, rock ‘n’ roll graphic artist