A lot of people know about Chuck’s–this is the place that Chicago people come to. I’ve been coming here since I was not old enough to drink. Everybody likes to jump off their boats and moon people, and eventually things heat up and the suits come off. I’ve spent many nights skinny-dipping, going from boat to boat laughing all the way, drinking, flirting, and flashing until the wee hours, then eventually finding the bow of a boat to sleep it off. What I always enjoy is listening to the waves crash. You’re so relaxed and you close your eyes and hopefully fall asleep for a while. On one exceptionally hot night one year I was on a date and this guy Steve, who I didn’t know, invited us onto his boat for a drink. I snuck him my number, and later he called and we met here at Chuck’s the weekend of the race to Mackinac. I thought at the time, “This is the love of my life,” and it turned out he was. Hopefully Steve will read this and know that I’ll be waiting for him on the dock–or at Chuck’s.

–Tracy Huml, medical social worker