One night I went with some friends to the Turkish Bakery for dinner for the first time. We were eating with our hands and smoking a hookah, and out came a belly dancer with those hand things–a totally new experience. Then, walking down the street on our way here, I started getting catcalled. I thought, “Wait a minute, are they yelling at me?” and I realized it was a carful of women. My friends thought this was very funny, and of course one of them, Kim, put her arm around me and started yelling back, pretending that she was my girlfriend. All of a sudden they were having this minicatfight on the street in my honor, which was definitely amusing. The women drove away and we got here, and at the door was a guy we’d gone to high school with that we hadn’t seen in eight years. So we hung out with him drinking raspberry Belgian beer and smoking cigarettes. It was the coolest evening. If you had told me ten years ago that I would have a night that included Turkish food, hookahs, belly dancers, catcalling lesbians, and a high school acquaintance, I would’ve told you to have your head examined. –Rebecca Farrell, administrative assistant