No Men Credit: Aaron Ehinger

No Men are one of Chicago’s most idiosyncratic bands, mixing doom-metal walls of sound, punk velocity, and a pinch of hooky new wave—this wolf wouldn’t be surprised to find Missing Persons in the trio’s collection! No Men also have a thing for “killer” videos—in 2016 they collaborated with director Greg Reigh on a bloody Dario Argento-esque short for the rabid “Stay Dumb.” They’ve been working with Reigh again on a video for “Sucker,” which bassist DB describes as “a twisted-up western about abuse of power and environmental degradation, with some witchcraft and demon shit.” On Wednesday, September 4, No Men play a Sleeping Village show that’s also a video premiere; in November, “Sucker” will appear on their new album for Let’s Pretend Records, Hell Was Full So We Came Back.

  • This isn’t the new No Men video, which hasn’t been released yet—it’s for 2016’s “Stay Dumb.”

If you’ve been at Smart Bar for one of Ariel Zetina‘s Diamond Formation parties, then you know that this Chicago DJ and producer is a champion of progressive house and techno. This wolf still gets sweaty jamming to her 2017 debut EP, Cyst, and this month Zetina dropped a new EP called Shell via Head Charge Recordings. Standout track “Valenzetina” combines icy, demanding beats with a disembodied voice that calls itself a “diva with a heart”—it’ll satisfy dancers and headphone trippers alike. On Tuesday, September 3, Zetina performs live at Beau Wanzer’s monthly Hot on the Heels party at Danny’s; also on the bill are DJ sets from Wanzer and Carlos Souffront.

In the early 2010s, Dap-Kings drummer Homer Steinweiss and rap producer Frank Dukes recruited Chicago singer Doug Shorts for a modern-soul project. They’d meant to release an album, but for years nothing came out . . . until Daptone released the 2018 Shorts seven-inch “Casual Encounter” b/w “Keep Your Head Up.” This month the label dropped another Shorts seven-inch and the Casual Encounter digital EP. Put that heat on wax, Daptone!  v

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