I Made You Myself Credit: M. Winters

Emo-leaning contemporary posthardcore bands such as Touche Amore, La Dispute, and Pianos Become the Teeth have stuck it out long enough to bear fruit and deserve the reverence bestowed on them by younger musicians who proudly name-check them these days. I Made You Myself, a five-piece from suburban Lake County, list those acts as influences on their Facebook page alongside Billboard screamo successes Underoath and north-suburban deathcore unit Oceano, and sure enough, on a recent self-released split with Missouri’s Mocklove, the group employ lessons from all of the above—vocalist Jason De Leon growls with metallic fury as they perform with the clean precision of an anthemic rock band aiming for the charts. On “Scare You Away” they showcase their innate grasp of pace and atmosphere, in the process displaying why posthardcore remains a sacred language for the young ’uns.   v