David Nance Credit: courtesy the artist

Having recorded his previous albums at home, Omaha miscreant David Nance dragged his bloody mess of unkempt rock into a proper studio for his latest, Negative Boogie (Ba Da Bing). Anyone expecting him to clean up his act will be disappointed—or relieved. The new record captures the wild, whooping shouts of Nance’s vocals, the feedback-drenched grime of his guitars, and the primal thud of the drumming with new depth and clarity; listeners get extra grit and grain with every ugly surge. Like some unholy merger of David Thomas and David Yow, Nance caterwauls over art-rock grooves that can’t quite figure out if they love classic rock ’n’ roll or abhor it. He gives as much to an earnest albeit shaky cover of the Merle Haggard classic “Silver Wings” as he does to ripping album opener “More Than Enough (Reprise),” where he sounds like a loud drunk bum-rushing a noise-rock gig. The toggling between unhinged desperation and bare-knuckle boogie starts to make the gap between those poles irrelevant, and each extreme ends up as a different manifestation of the same rebellious spirit.   v