Femdot Credit: Alison Green for Chicago Reader

Chicagoan Femi Adigun, aka Femdot, raps like he’s spent his entire waking life studying language and figuring out the best way to use words to suit his craft. He cleanly lays down bars with a confidence that makes it seem easy, and the work he’s put in to get there is obvious. Femdot treats hip-hop with reverence, as though the art form provides him spiritual fulfillment—at least that’s the feeling I get anytime he drops something new. Earlier this month he released 94 Camry Music (Delacreme), where he exercises his storytelling prowess in brisk narratives loosely related to his old car. Though he’s just 24, he spins yarns like an elderly sage doling out wisdom on a mountaintop—you can almost imagine him in the lotus position, stroking a long beard. On the knockout “Snuck to Matty’s,” Femdot peels back layers of seemingly trivial lies he told his mother so she wouldn’t take away his car after he broke curfew for a party thrown by a friend she doesn’t like; he uses minute-by-minute updates to detail his youthful revelry and his lucky escape from a fatal fight. Femdot has proved he’s one of Chicago’s most promising new rappers, and on “Rap City” he shows he can hold his own with Smino—also one of the best in town. With 94 Camry Music, he’s working hard to build the kind of career that makes it impossible to compare him to anyone but himself.   v