Fee Lion Credit: Benji Morino

On her latest self-released EP, April’s Blood Sisters, Chicago synth-pop artist Justina Kairyte, aka Fee Lion, threads together the sinister and the seductive with razor wire. In the spring, she told Paper magazine that writing the chorus for the slow-burning “My Man” crystallized for her what became the EP’s theme: “a mysterious murderess slaughtering her lover in order to step back into her own light.” Kairyte understands the magnetic rhythmic pull that makes industrial music and the harder strains of dance so powerful, and Blood Sisters demonstrates it throughout. The lunging tracks trigger your adrenal glands like a slasher flick, their shadowy synths pulsing like a runaway heart beneath her polished but disquietingly chilly vocals. Darkness hangs in every song, but Kairyte can use even bright, major-key pop to create menace—the sparse, sweet synth melody that enters halfway through “Re(Visit)” makes it all the more unsettling.   v